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  • Chris Gilliland


1. Repair Damaged Hardscapes/Stonework

If you have a rough walkway, driveway or patio now, they should be repaired prior to the Winter Season before they become hazard issues.


2. Trim Problem Bushes and Trees

The last thing you want are branches to hit your house during a windstorm. Now is the time to inspect nearby trees and shrubs, and cut any low-hanging or dying branches before they can do damage.

3. Spread Mulch to Protect Perennials

Spread mulch among your perennial flowers and plants. This will help insulate them from frigid temperatures and also provides a bit of extra protection against hungry creatures.

4. Winterize Irrigation Systems

In colder climates, your irrigation system should be blown out to remove any water and prevent freeze-ups that can ruin sprinklers. Make sure that you also store your garden hose and shut off the water to exterior faucets, if possible.

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