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  • Chris Gilliland

The Best Landscaping Projects To Prepare for Winter

Winter isn’t typically a season when people consider their landscaping, especially when living in places where the snow and ice take over every year. While you may not feel like caring for your bushes and plants when they have become buried in snow, you can still prepare your landscape for its comeback after winter finally ends. We’ll give you a few examples of the best landscaping projects to prepare for winter so that you can keep your home looking great even in the worst of weather.

Protect or Move Sensitive Plants and Trees

Not all plants and trees can survive low temperatures and snow. If you have potted plants or flower boxes, it’s a good idea to move them out of the cold or at least under an awning so that the snow can’t get to them. You can plant trees in winter, but you’ll need to keep certain trees insulated and warm throughout the season to keep them alive.

Perform Trimming and Pruning

Whether due to powerful winds or heavy snowfall, winter can be a difficult time for various plants. Protecting your house’s landscaping should be a priority as a result. A good way to do this is to trim and prune any dead or broken branches from your large trees. These can fall and damage property when the weather gets worse.

Prepare Your Garden Beds for Spring

The best landscaping projects to prepare for winter will also get everything ready for the following spring. You want your garden beds to soak up as many nutrients as possible throughout the colder months so that they can bounce back quickly when the weather warms up. Remove weeds and add compost or manure a few inches thick to protect your garden beds.

Cut Your Grass to a Medium Length

If you cut your grass too short before winter, the cold can seep into its roots. In turn, some of it will die and leave behind ugly patches. However, leaving your grass too long can cause it to mat up underneath the snow and allow mold to grow. A good medium length of around four inches should keep your lawn safe throughout the winter.

Recycle Your Dead Leaves

Dead autumn leaves can pose a problem if you let them rot under the snow, but they’re also useful if you recycle them. You can mow over them or add them to your compost or mulch to inject some more organic matter into your soil.

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